Unpackaged // London

Its always nice to see businesses raising some kind of social awareness in the community. In comes Unpackaged, a unique market stall turned grocery concept founded in London in 2006 by Catherine Conway.

Stemming from the idea that most of the packaging we use is unnecessary in terms of cost, waste, and pollution, Unpackaged allows its shoppers to bring their own fillable containers from home. The shop also offers reusable bags.

“Bring glass jars, tuppaware, old takeaway cartons, brown paper bags, plastic bags, old packaging.. if it’s heavy, we’ll weigh it first, if it’s light then just refill and we’ll weigh at the end”

Lovely concept… It forces you to take only as much food as you need, rather than buying bulk and just wasting it! I also love the logo and graphic visuals used to explain the process, so simple!

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