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Wood Wall Art

How To Create Wooden Wall Art Using A Wood Planer

Materials Required Before starting the project, gather all the needed supplies at one place so you won’t have to leave your work in between to go and find some tools or anything. Following are the basic things required for wooden wall art.
  • Plywood
  • Saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Marker
  • Acrylic paints and paint brushes
  • Nails
  • Wood Planer
  • Wood glue
  • Safety glasses
  • Sandpaper
  • Clamps

DIY Guide

These are some of the basic materials however if there is anything else required depending on what you are making then grab that stuff too. Once you are done with it, proceed to the further steps.
  1. Resize the Wood
The first step is to resize the wood according to whatever size you want. But, make sure you also measure the wall where you would be hanging it if you are thinking for a bigger artwork for example; is there any furniture that might block the looks of it? If there more hangings on that specific wall, would it fit there and look good? After figuring out such things, start with the resizing of the wood by.
  • Measuring accurately using measuring tape or large ruler
  • Mark till the point you want the size to be
  • Use saw to cut the wood carefully
  • Find and using one of the market's best planer you can get.
If there are different-sized pieces of wood needed for the wall art that you are going to make then cut those pieces in the same manner.
  1. Smooth the Sides Using Sandpaper
Now take the wood pieces and smoother their edges by rubbing the sandpaper onto it so that there are no sharp edges anymore and the risk of getting hurt with it is also eliminated.
  1. Sketch It Out
After assembling all the pieces of wood at one place including the main one, it’s time to sketch a rough picture on the wood so that you can easily make the art on it with perfection. Sketching the picture of whatever you want to make or marking the points where the pieces of woods would be glued is important because the risk of mistakes is reduced, and the project isn’t ruined.
  1. Stick or Nail the Pieces
In this step, you would be sticking or nailing the pieces of wood on the main wood board. Follow the lines or points that you have marked on the wood and carefully use the wood glue to stick the pieces or nail them, whatever you like. This step requires much attention and you have to be very careful while placing the pieces because a slight mistake can make your whole masterpiece lose its attractiveness.
  1. Paint the Wall Art
This would be the most interesting step as it includes painting your project. According to your thoughts, paint out the wall art smoothly using acrylic colors.
  1. Add the Hanging Clips
The final step is to add the hanging clips on to your wooden wall art using screws. Make sure they are secured tightly so that it doesn’t fall off easily.
  1. Hang It Up
Finalize the artwork one last time, hang it up on the wall to increase the look of that particular place, stand back and admire your efforts.
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