Painting Murals as a Form of Therapy

Painting Murals as a Form of Therapy

Nowadays there are tons of different methods and alternative treatments as forms of therapy. Mainly these therapy treatments depend on what the patient might be going through, as well as they are a more personalized option according to the patient’s needs. It has been said that art therapy is that great form of treatment, through this a lot of patients can manage their behavior as well as processor feelings better or even learn how to express themselves through art. While this form of therapy isn’t for everybody, there have been a lot of people that have been exposed to Art therapy who have claimed that not only do they feel that it reduces anxiety and stress, but also it allows them to manage their behaviors better and it even taps into their subconscious mind in order to expose things that they’d didn’t know they were dealing with.

Not only is art therapy amazing for adults, but it can be a great way to introduce your kids into this form of treatment.Creating art is a great method to recognize and I acknowledge emotions or unprocessed feelings. No matter who is creating art, it is a practice for everybody to express themselves.

What Is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is meant to be used to tap into people’s creative side in order to express their emotions or feelings through this activity. There are many art activities that people can use as a form of therapy for instance art journaling, sketching, sculpting, or even painting murals. This form of therapy is very visual, and a lot of ways it is very therapeutic for those that are practicing it. In addition, it is a great form of self-expression, I’ll throw a lot of artists use art as a way to express themselves; it’s the same way for patients, they can use art to their advantage in order to express themselves. All forms of therapy are designated according to the patient’s needs,  and for that reason art therapy has been quite popular given that it is for all ages and it is a great form of treatment.

Painting Murals

While a lot of people take different activities related to Arts as a form of therapy, a lot of people have chosen painting murals as a form of therapy. Nevertheless, what is the main difference between this art form compared to the others. What a lot of therapists have claims through the use of art therapy is that the bigger the project that the patient involves himself in,  the more that they are going to dig out and explore about themselves. A mural is not a one day form of therapy, it can be done in days, weeks, or even months. 

Patient’s Needs 

This work depends on the patient’s needs and requirements, however it has been claimed that a mural is an amazing form of healing. A  mural requires time and dedication, and therefore every patient that uses painting murals as a form of therapy is definitely going to deal with a lot of work shroud time. In addition is a great form of therapy to involve other people into the therapy of the patients, for instance family members or friends can’t even help the person with the overall work of the mural, and this way work with the patient one on one throughout this technique.

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