What is EFT and How Does it Work?

What is EFT and How Does it Work?

With upcoming trends of alternative therapy resources, people have found it extremely beneficial to do EFT Tapping. EFT stands for Emotional freedom technique, and this form of treatment that is used to treat physical pain as well as emotional distress. In some ways people compare this technique to acupressure, given that the treatment touches on numerous parts of the body to release tension, very much like acupuncture. 

How does EFT Work?

EFT Tapping refers to touching meridian points on the body, also referred to as energy points that can restore balance to the body when touched and aligned properly. This therapy method comes from a Chinese medicine therapy, which focuses on allowing energy to flow through the body. It can balance negative symptoms or release energy from a clogged point in the body, which essentially releases the pressure in the body. The way that this alternative therapy works is by applying pressure to certain points in the body, and essentially tapping them with the fingers in order to align the body’s energy. At first you can allow an expert to perform this therapy on you, however some people with time learn how to do it themselves.

Who can use the benefits of EFT Tapping?

Everyone! Absolutely everyone can qualify for this form of therapy. It is said to be beneficial to reduce stress, deal with negative emotions, anxiety related feelings, or even numerous discomforts in the body. Essentially, it helps to align the energy that was disrupted. Now there are tapping therapies also to deal with emotions, feelings, thoughts, among other things. Tapping is a safe form of alternative therapy and it is truly for everyone. 

Free Tapping or Sequence?

When people learn how to do tapping, they often have the same question in their heads, whether tapping can be done freely through the body or if there is a sequence. Given that you are dealing with energy, there has to be a sequence to the way that this therapy is done.

There are 12 main meridians that mirror each side of the body, and these all belong to a specific organ. EFT focuses on these in order to perform the alternative tapping. Some of these are at the top of the head, on the side of the eyes, under the eye, on the chin, over the collarbone, among others.

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