How to Go on a True Mental Detox in 3 Simple Steps

How to Go on a True Mental Detox in 3 Simple Steps

There are numerous ways on how someone can take a break from everything in order to cleanse their mind and their body. People are used to leading a busy life schedule and not taking enough breaks for themselves in order to rest from their hectic routines. People don’t always realize that the more they spend their time doing numerous things, the more of their personal energy that they are spending. Soon enough, not taking a break will pile up and this is when people feel drained, exhausted, overwhelmed, and they feel like they need a break from everything. More often than not, this happens to a lot of people. Society constantly asks people for more and more of their energy, and this also involves their peace of mind. Whether it is something big like working on a big project at work, or small things like answering emails, answering messages through social media, attending events and parties, etc. 

Thing after thing can pile up and eventually exhaust you from not taking a very well deserved break. People usually wait until the last minute of their breaking point, where they feel exhausted and then they want to take a break.

However, people should truly go on a mental detox sooner than later, every month people should think of doing this as an act of self love, so that they can be mentally ready for any upcoming challenges.

1. Take On Journaling

Journaling is by far one of the best methods to deal with mental stress. It is a great way to declutter the mind and put everything into paper. In a way it is a great form of relaxation but also, a great therapy resource for a lot of people.

2. Leave Social Media and Messages For Later

Social media is everywhere now a day.People spend from minutes to hours glued to their phones answering messages and seeing what other people are doing. A great way to take a mental detox from everything is putting social media aside. Try this for a day, live life from your point of view, don’t share it with others, and specially don’t see what others are up to. This is a day for you.

3. Spend More Time Outdoors

Some people don’t realize this on a daily basis, but people spend most of their time indoors. Whether it is at home, at the office, on a car on their way somewhere, inside a restaurant of a mall, among other places. Spending time outdoors is a great way for the body and mind to relax, and feel free. In order to go on a mental detox make sure that you designate some time to spend outside, whether it is walking in the park, reading on the lawn, among other things.

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